Mile Marker Messages

Mile Marker Messages


This year, we are offering a special way for our runners to get involved with the Race by customizing a sign that will appear at each mile marker.

Families and friends are invited to offer words of encouragement for a first time half marathoner, celebrate a milestone or memorialize a lost loved one.

For example, Mile 7 will bear a sign saying “In loving memory of Galeen Driscoll.”  Runners Joelle (Driscoll) Felumlee and Matt Felumlee tell us this memorial “is a tribute to Joelle’s mother, who was killed in March in an auto accident. Mile marker 7 was chosen because it represents her seven grandchildren. She was an avid runner and ran her first and only half marathon at the We Care Twin Cities race two years ago. We have a huge family contingent running various distances in her name this year.”

Who would you like to honor?  We have twelve additional mile markers available.  The donation for sponsoring a mile at the Twin Cities Half Marathon is $100.


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